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Drawing and Painting Tutorials
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Drawing Eyelashes Tutorial

Drawing Eyelashes Tutorial | Drawing and Painting Tutorials | Scoop.it
In this project, you are challenged by the adversary of portrait artists –natural looking eyelashes. This lesson offers an understanding into the qualities of correctly drawn eyelashes, and shows you how to set up and draw the outline of an eye and add eyelashes.
Interesting Content's insight:

Drawing eyelashes on portraits can be challenging when you consider the differences of the upper and lower eyelids. When drawn incorrectly, it can make a portrait look more like a cartoon rather than a real drawing. When drawing correctly, it can make all the difference in the realism of your portrait.

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Asian and Caucasian Eye Drawing Reference

Asian and Caucasian Eye Drawing Reference | Drawing and Painting Tutorials | Scoop.it

"Eye study for my digital arts course, maybe it will be useful to someone :}

I used references from eyes I found if you search on deviant art : Eyes, and Asian eyes."

Via Interesting Content
Lindsey Davis's insight:

This reference tool made by DeviantArt's OryxPixie shows how to acheive the right effects for different kinds of eyes. If you're having trouble distinguishing between Asian and Caucasian eyes, this one's for you!

Interesting Content's curator insight, January 16, 2014 1:51 AM

A useful reference guide for any artist who wants to learn about the basics of drawing eyes on Asian and Caucasian subjects. Of course, you can apply these techniques to any of your projects requiring detailed eye drawing.