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Drawing and Painting Tutorials
Daily curated tips and tutorials for graphic designers, photo editors, painters, and drawing artists.
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Week in Review: Attaining Realism

Week in Review: Attaining Realism | Drawing and Painting Tutorials | Scoop.it

This week we brought you a ton of cartoon tutorials, but we wanted to focus on all the amazing online teaching tools that teach what's most difficult in drawing: attaining realism.

Recreating sunlight on paper isn't easy, but with this tutorial on charcoal, shading and shadows should get a whole lot easier:


Artist JD Hillberry sits down in this informal video to share some of his realistic pencil-drawing techniques:


And we learned how to draw a bird anatomically in this step by step tutorial:


Finally, perhaps the most fun we had this week was learning to draw a tiger's eyes in pencil realistically, creating fierce orbs that still glow in grey:


Realism might be difficult, but it's not impossible! We'll be gathering more of the Internet's knowledge on drawing so subscribe to our scoops to stay updated! 

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Week in Review: Getting Back To Basics

This week, we brought you a ton of specialized drawing tutorials, from the best of Photoshop in 2013 to how to draw a dog, a snowman and Manga facial expressions.

But what we want to focus on most, is the basics we brought -- the fundamental skills needed to move on to these higher, more difficult levels of creation. 

First off, pencil shading. If you can create a solid graident in shading, you're halfway to creating dynamic shadows and figures, which is one of the first skills you'll need in your drawing endeavors:


Next up, simple exercises, like drawing a circle, straight line and organic mass that don't look like someone had a stroke while creating them. These can be some of the most difficult shapes to create by hand, but they're definitely a necessary evil!


Still lifes are the next step in the drawing ladder of success, because objects don't move and you're able to practice shadow and form for days, weeks and months on end. Pro tip: if an object turns out to be more difficult than you thought to recreate on paper, work at it till it's perfect instead of nixing it from the composition: 


This last tutorial begins the next phase of ultimate drawing skills: creating people. If you learn how to draw realistic eyes, you've created the most difficult part of human expression: the windows to the soul.


So the next time you're looking to get a little back to the basics in your drawings, check out any of the above articles for tips on how to acheive the most realistic composition possible. And follow our scoops to stay updated on the latest and greatest drawing tips online. 

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Week in Review: All Bases Covered

Week in Review: All Bases Covered | Drawing and Painting Tutorials | Scoop.it
Lindsey Davis's insight:

This week, we brought you the most useful articles we could find, covering everything from landscapes to Illustrator to figures. No matter what you're working on this week, we've got something to make it easier:

For the female form, there's this amazing reference on the 12 female body shapes, covering 90% of all women everywhere:


For faces in general, check out this chart with all the variations of human facial features, including everything from hair type to eyebrows:


And for hands, there's another tutorial for that, which walks you through each finger's shape and shows you how to get the expressiveness you're looking for:


If you're drawing places rather than people, there's this informal video that teaches you how to recreate a countryside in two dimensions:


To stay updated on these and tons of more useful drawing tips and tricks, follow our scoops!

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Week in Review: Speed & Special Effects

This week we focused on articles that taught specific special effects, and how to make that perfect composition with more efficiency than ever. 

This YouTube video taught how to acheive the 'reflections in the sunglasses' look:


And this PSD tutorial showed how to create 3D ice letters in photoshop, walking you through each step one by one until your letters are wet and melting:


Finally, Student Art Guide brings us nifty tricks for framing and building a composition more efficiently:


So if you're looking for a new effect or motif in your artwork, try out one of these! And to stay updated with our curations of how to draw and create tutorials, subscribe to our scoops!

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